About Bee and Reed

Bee and Reed started as a fashion blog in the summer of 2014. Over time, as I've changed, my blog has followed suit. Today, as you see it, the blog encompasses fashion, food and travel, some of my favorite things. I will admit that I've grown restless and sometimes a bit disillusioned when it comes to my blog's purpose. I never necessarily wanted this to become a stream-of-consciousness or diary-type blog, but sometimes it did veer in that direction. So I often change it up as I evolve and grow. As you see it today, the latest change consists of just two pages: Bee, meant for a simple gallery of outfit images with overlay titles to describe them; and Reed, which is supposed to be a play-on word for "read", as in, the section of my blog where I will be writing.

About me: I'm a college student, so I'm living all over the place. I thrive in new environments because I have a deep passion for exploring. Ask any of my friends! I'd much rather travel 8 bajillion miles to a small coffee shop to do homework than sit in a campus library. A few random facts:

• I speak English and French and am trying to learn Norwegian

• I don't know my ethnicity, but guesses are welcome

• I'm a cat person (mostly) and I like the cold

• Some of my favorite foods include cinnamon rolls, strawberry shortcake and pizza (I'm a health-freak, you see)

Moving on... My style does not fit into one category, nor do I put too much emphasis on labels. I am really big into consignment and vintage shopping so that's pretty much how I sometimes end up with rather unique pieces. 

Also, I'm not big into social media but I do use Instagram and Pinterest. Go give them a follow for the most up-to-date content!