European Style


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2 long sweaters

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Recently I was on a trip in Northern Europe. I sipped on coffee in the cafes and got to people-watch, mostly observing the fashion trends. I managed to snap a few "street-style" pictures to show the biggest trends that I noticed. 

-Long (knee-length to mid-calf) sweaters. Yes, even late-June they're wearing big and warm sweaters. They're so unique, I love them! But where can I find one…. I'll post a link later if I manage to find any.

-Tennis shoes/sneakers. I saw them wear these with sweaters, jeans, blazers, leggings, dresses… really everything. Mostly the Nike colored ones, but not limited to those. I like the look of them when they're simple and sleek. What made this stand out to me is that many people wore these even with business outfits, a great way to play anything down. Just try to keep the colors minimal and don't wear all athletic gear at once!

-Walking shoes/Birkenstocks. These have always been popular I think, but I'm just noticing them now. Many people wore them in the same way they'd wear sneakers, as I mentioned above. It makes the shoes themselves look classier and appealing, even though these types of shoes are notorious for looking frumpy.

-Light trench coats. Not the long heavy ones, but loose, thin ones. These also looked great as a laid-back sophistication. They also help as a matches-all light jacket for springtime.