Almost 1! First Year in Review

Now that I have more free time, I will be more active on the internet. For anyone who doesn't know, I have been very active on my Instagram account! That's where I've posted all of my outfits and other miscellaneous photos. So anyhow, I don't remember the exact date but I am confident that my blog is now almost a year old. It's been kind of a rocky start, what with technical issues, getting the hang of photo and web design, and refining my style... etc. Either way, I'm loving what this is experience is cultivating in me and I'm so excited to continue it in the future! I have reviewed the full outfits that I've posted over the past year, and I have made three collages of 21 photos to show you some of my favorites of the overall selection. Summer Fall

fall winter


If you would like any of the details on a particular outfit, let me know in the comments or email me:)

Also, more recently, I've noticed that a lot of my friends and other people that I know have been following my Instagram-blog. Initially that made me very nervous of ridicule and judgment, but I have actually received very positive feedback and compliments. I'm so happy that I can document and grow in my personal style by putting myself out there on social media with such wonderful support from family and friends. So, with that, I'd like to thank everyone who has supported and encouraged me to be myself :)