easter break 2016 ootd: part 2

IMG_5016 Gooooood morning!

Actually, when this photo was taken, I was not having a good morning. I had gotten two hours of sleep and felt like I was getting hit by a train (which makes it ironic that I'm sitting on train tracks, haha).

I went shopping with my mom at my favorite store and it made everything so much better:). This was the perfect outfit for shopping cause it was more or less easily removable for trying on clothing, and it was cozy enough to combat the chill / extreme fatigue. Plus, mule loafers are super in!

I forgot to mention in the last post that this is my new haircut!! It took so long to get used to. The layering is a bit weird, and initially she styled it in such a way that made me feel a bit uncomfortable with it. Fortunately, with the help of some heat-styling tools, I found a way to (kind of) tame it. ~ T e m p o r a r y  s o l u t i o n s ~. But I did want a bob, so in that respect I'm happy I did it, especially as an attempt to blaze my own path. Now I just want my highlights back!

Anyway, word-fluff is short and sweet today. Hope you enjoy the outfit and don't forget to comment!


Sunnies: David Yurman

Rings: Tiffany, the Silver Seahorse

Bracelets: Pandora, the Silver Seahorse

Bag: Alice and Olivia (sold out :/)

Sweater: Nordstrom Cashmere

Pants: Gap

Loafers: Tibi




xoxo, T