IMG_5082 Hieeeeee,

Yet again I did minimal work while at home for Easter. My dad asked me in the car to the airport if I had learned anything from my post-Spring Break death week. I told him, "I wouldn't have wanted to spend my break reading myself into the ground". So in that sense, I have decided that I don't really believe in doing homework on vacation. But before embarking into slothful relaxation, know that the price is a train full of homework, coming your way fast.

Fortunately, however, this week has been pretty relaxed. I've had more than my daily dose of Netflix AND sleep. My excuse, however, is that I've fallen ill. When I went to see my high school friends at college I happened to catch the plague yet again. But it's so incredibly mild that I can't complain. Speaking of which, did I mention I had so much fun? I LOVED seeing some familiar faces from high school. It almost makes me question my choice of school (even though, at the end of the day, I'm so thrilled to be where I am). The funny thing about college is that it kind of strengthens bonds with those that matter. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, n'est-ce pas?

The weather today was insanely beautiful: 65ºF and sunny! I always wake to a fleeting thought about wearing a sundress, but then I remember that this campus is built on a cliff in the throws of a perpetual hurricane. So white pants it is (I generally abide by the Labor Day rule but college has changed me, man...).

Last thought: Madison and I have some exciting blogger-things coming up. I'm not going to divulge them just yet, considering one of them isn't completely set in stone. But April could be a very exciting month!!

Hope everyone is having a nice week and making the most of the rest of March. We are finally passed the snowiest month of the year!! Enjoy today's OOTD :)

Edit: It occurred to me that I didn't even talk about the outfit. For the past few years, the 70's have been huge for spring trends. So that's why I opted for this bright vintage-y top on this bright day (although, the outfit seems more reminiscent of the late 60's than the 70's but hey....). I didn't actually know what to wear with this top because nothing besides the white pants actually looked good with it/could be worn in a windy region.

Upon closer inspection, seems very Jackie Burkhart, doesn't it?







Top: ASOS (old)

Pants: bar III

Shoes: Express (v old)

xoxo, T