OOTD: College Year 2 {Part 2}

img_8295 Hieeeee,

This morning Francine and I went to Cambridge to have brunch. In deciding where to go I told her that all I needed was a good cinnamon roll. She knew the perfect place!! Alden & Harlow's the name; in Harvard Square. Lovely setting... kind of rustic mixed with industrial that reminds me of Minneapolis a bit. The skillet roll that came out looked so lovely... perfect for Instagram. I realize that's probably the most annoying sentence ever but oh well! I'm gonna be honest, I took like 50 aerial shots of the food before I got the one I posted. Francine and I joked about how stupid it was, even the people next to us were giving us major side-eye, kinda like the "suspicious dog" from the Simpsons. Apparently the restaurant's menu is meant as shareables, so we shared three additional dishes that were corn pancakes, maple-glazed pork on cheesy grits and eggs on quinoa. I forget the names now but I HIGHLY recommend the restaurant as a whole. Stellar. I wish we had more restaurants like that close to my campus!!

Anyway, here's the outfit I wore. You may recall from my last post that I talked about some guy on campus wearing green loafers and Lennon-style sunnies. The significance of that blurb is that the sight of him kind of jolted my existence (dramatic, I know). His outfit was so cool and he looked so original that I questioned literally everything I do. Why do I dress the way I do? Do I dress for me or for others? How do I feel when I wear these clothes? Am I doing activities because I enjoy them or because they look good on a resume? The last question has been especially important to me recently because I've tried to re-orient my life in such a way as it is perfectly crafted from my own heart and spirit and not for some other reason. I want my personality and being to be reflected in the way I live my life. I had noticed that my style was slowly slipping into the normcore trends and, as stylish as they may be, I couldn't stand it! It wasn't me. Frankly, I realized I was only picking them out because I wanted to blend in. I wanted to impress those around me. But I wasn't impressing myself and that's the most important part. I didn't feel like myself when I wore, say, a choker. I actually kind of like chokers but it's just not entirely my style (which has yet to be defined. As of right now it has many facets). So anyway, this guy in the loafers basically inspired me to start living the way I want to live instead of just dreaming about it.

This outfit deviates from most of my posts because of the color. I don't normally wear lots of color even though I wish I did. I love this dress, even though I recognize that it's not the most flattering for my body shape but hey, next to nothing flatters my body shape. I loved the sleeves and the colors go with anything! I had just purchased these oversized sunnies and am OBSESSED. I love pale/pastel pinks and I felt like they kind of fit the retro theme. It seemed very summer/fall transition to me, given that it was like 80ºF today. This outfit, though it may not be perfect, is a fairly good representation of where I want to start heading in terms of expressing my personality.





Sunnies: SEE eyewear

Dress: H&M

Bag: Louise et Cie

Shoes: Forever 21

Lipgloss: NYX butter gloss