OOTD: College Year 2 {Part 16}

I do my best writing late at night. I feel like I hear an agreement on that subject among many people. For example, my friend's dad is a journalist and stays up till nearly 4 every morning because his best writing comes out then. It seemed absurd at first. I'm not saying that my frivolous blog is anywhere near as intense as that career. But it's like how some people do their best thinking in the shower; My best thinking is at night, in the quiet, when the faint, covert drumming of information has stopped swirling and I can see my thoughts. Which leads me here. Last night was probably the most therapeutic of my days spent at home during break. After having worked and indulged in Minneapolis' most famous ice cream at MilkJam Creamery with friends, I was on my way home. I was on such a roll belting out some early 2000s Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte and Panic! At The Disco gems, and also of a sudden I had taken a movie-sharp right towards the chain of lakes. I drove around and around. I stopped at Lake of the Isles to admire the luminary poles they have set up, and the dragon or Loch Ness monster built of snow. It was definitely not the most convenient of times to do this, of course. But regardless, I walked on the lake and walked out to far reaches and looked around and up. It was the silence and the crisp stillness. The rumble of an airplane interrupted it and I realized my toes had frozen. Silly me, ill-equipped in cotton socks and boots. That passes in 25ºF maybe, but certainly not 2ºF. I ran back to the car having forgotten how long I had walked around. There were rows of buckets filled with frozen water. I wonder what they'll build with all of those rows! Naturally, it took roughly 30 minutes for me to regain feeling in my toes, but it was worth it. Lake of the Isles is so pretty. Minneapolis is so pretty. Boston is so pretty. How lucky am I! One of these things I realized is that I need to be more grateful. For New Years resolutions I've focused too much on negatives... or what can be better, or what needs to go. That's all fine and well but I often overlook the importance of the small, good things in life. Surely Lord Henry Wotton would agree with me!

So this morning, with a spring in my step and a fresh face I headed to brunch at Tullibee in the North Loop (what an absolute delight!) and went on my merry way. Tullibee is a must-see. The Hewing Hotel is absolutely stunning. It has refined, Nordic-themed décor that has notes of Frank Lloyd Wright's prairie home feel. And the food is just as exquisite! The coffee cups have Faribault Mills cozies and there are tiny "centerpieces" with little bits of pine trees to complete the Northern look. I could keep babbling for days but it really is just as cute as you've seen on any MPLS Instagram account.

So here are some photos. Plus keep scrolling to see my outfit!

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Trying to keep up with some sort of a Northern look! I have a light Obermeyer ski jacket on underneath this vintage wool cocoon coat, which I've discovered is literally the secret to life. I briefly skimmed a Man Repeller article about how layering is the key to winter (kind of a  "Thank You, Captain Obvious" moment, but also a "pure genius disguised as simple advice" moment). I never have coats that are sufficient to combat the northern weather but putting this ski jacket on underneath has changed the game forever. Anyway, yeah. You know by now that I would probably perish without my blanket scarves so there's that. More to come later, friends!


Thanks for sticking with me. I know that was a lengthy post...

xoxo, T