Life Update: The past month

IMG_5247 Hiiieeeee,

After returning from vacation I feel like it's a new year. Therefore, I am making certain changes to my life (that I imagine will return to old habits in a few weeks time, BUT that I'm going to try to keep up) as if I am a completely new person. Perhaps I even am a new person. Let's investigate.

First of all, I am going to post more often (haha yes I do say this every blog post...). After a long rumination I determined that I am okay with the direction in which my blog is going. Anyone who follows my Instagram can probably tell that I've strayed away from food and fashion a bit, and I am disappointed in that, but at the same time, this blog is developing with me as a person and that is, at its core, the original intent of my blog: To document my musings and style changes over time. Right now it is apparent that I am expanding my interests! And I am more thrilled about this. First semester I was super into the food scene and felt a need to upload a picture of any and every meal, regardless of what it was or how it looked. It made sense at the time, considering the foodie group I was in, but now I cringe at the idea. Other than losing all thought and intent behind my Instagram, I felt like I was also losing the part where I'm posting for myself and not for others.

(Also, you may be wondering why I put so much thought into my Instagram. I wondered this too, but I treat my Instagram as a personal photo album/visual diary of my life and style. It's a highlight reel, in a sense.)

Second of all, I think I'll go to bed earlier. I'm already laughing at this one.

While there are a few more, I think I'll skip them and get on with this life update post. A few weekends ago I traveled to Vermont to ski. We stayed in Burlington and then drove to Stowe. It was around 50º so the snow was quite slushy but I'll take what I can get! It was sooo difficult getting back into skiing. The people I went skiing with are avid and frequent skiiers so it was impossible to keep up. I never wiped out though, so that must be an accomplishment. I remember standing at the top of some "blue square" hill (???), watching them fly down and disappear into the horizon in a matter of seconds, muttering to myself each time I hit a mogul. Honestly, it was more of a climb and less of a smooth ski down that hill. Good leg workout though! Aside from that hill, my skiing technique was a combination of sharp zigzags down the hill and lots of pizzas. Lots and lots of pizzas.



The past week I was on vacation in Europe. We went to Paris, Bruges (Belgium) and Amsterdam! I loved them all for different reasons. Sometimes it's easy to think that all of Europe looks the same, and I'm learning that that is so false. For the first time, I started to notice vast differences in architecture and could compare them across wide ranges. For example, the buildings in Belgium looked like a combination of Scottish and Dutch designs. Why Scottish, I don't know. Probably something to do with English channel/North Sea trade. But lots of gable roofs in steps. I also don't know where I learned the term gable but I just googled it to double check and a bunch of pictures of Bruges came up, oddly enough, so I'm pretty sure I hit the nail on the head with that one. Yayyyy

To briefly touch on food and clothing, I have a few conclusions. Granted, I've noticed most of these things before, but every time I go it reiterates the point. And the style changes every time so that's exciting to see.

As it pertains to food, 1) they eat very few vegetables. I'm really curious as to how they have regulated systems, to be honest. But other than that... 2) the bread is infinitely better than in the states, and that is not limited to just France... like don't even lie to yourself and say that you don't like bread. I genuinely thought that I wouldn't want bread for a hot minute but then got there and tasted it again and it was a whole new world, 3) Waffles and crêpes, waffles and crêpes! And then wash them down with a tiny espresso shot. You don't even have to like espresso, it just looks cool.

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As to the ~fashion~, 1) platform shoes and comfortable brogues rock, 2) they NAIL coats. Like dusters, wool, cocoon, camel...etc. It's very inspiring. Seems like puffer coats are uncool? But also it was like 45º there and not 15º like it is here, 3) they embrace all hats. I like this!, 4) Anything is a biking outfit. Even heels!, 5) Color is cool. I've always struggled with color, I generally gravitate to muted pastels or shades of black and navy. I'm gonna work on that.

Overall, another amazing trip. I feel so blessed to have experienced it, and I do always feel a bit different after leaving. I'm gonna post some highlight photos but not all. Some of these might have been on my Instagram so sorry for redundancy!
















That's about as condensed as I can make it I think. I hope you all enjoyed! Stay tuned for more I guess. Hopefully an OOTD soon :)