OOTD: College Year 2 {Part 22} + NEWPORT

IMG_0385 Another day loving life. I'm in this weird limbo/internal struggle where I don't want school to end, because I won't be back for quite some time, and school is also awesome. But then when school ends, I get to go to my favorite place ever, and then I get to go HOME! SO MANY GOOD THINGS TO LOOK FORWARD TO! But also good things are happening right now. It's too much to handle.

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Okay so I'll just throw some updates out:

  1. I determined that my Minnesota summer playlist is going to consist primarily of Keith Urban & ZBB, Brandon Flowers, and early 2000s U2. Have you heard of anything more perfect? No. The answer is no.
  2. I took a cold-turkey hiatus from my only social media left, Facebook and Instagram, this past week. Over time my Blog-stagram has grown to be more socialized, which I didn't really mean to do. I mean, I deleted my social Instagram 2.5 years ago for a reason. There were a ton of reasons why I took said hiatus this past week, but in the end my conclusions are thus: My life felt nearly unchanged... in the best way possible. No withdrawal symptoms, no constant phone checking. Just living my life, like they did in the old days I guess. Taking pictures, just for me. No one else. Nothing to prove, living for me and not the internet. Super refreshing, and now I'm considering doing it for good. I'll ruminate some more. But I was so roped in so I don't know why I felt so good about it? Hmmm
  3. I got the cutest red suede boots ever, for $40. FOURTY. For SUEDE. A post to come later, where to find them, how I found them...etc. As well as pics. I've been wearing them nonstop. That's when you know you've made a good investment: When you want to crawl into bed at night with your boots on. Or is that just a me thing?
  4. I went to Newport, Rhode Island today (yes, I was just in RI). For a sweet deal I took a school trip to tour some of the mansions there. I had been to the Vanderbilt's Breakers mansion, but never the Berwind's Elms! They're both so stunning. There's this internal debate between, "Wow I'd love to somehow have enough money to build a summer home like this" and "I feel like this is maybe a bit much? Do you really need gold-embossed Italian leather walls?" I low-key think I liked the Elms mansion better, just because it was more subdued..? I guess I don't know if you can even remotely call that subdued. Super cool though overall. Thank goodness for the Preservation Society of Newport County!
  5. We wandered around Newport and settled on this little, hidden shack that was 1 moneys and like, Jamaican-themed? Anyhow, that was probably the BEST burger I have EVER had in my life. I was told that the Chili Cheese Burger that I had my eye on was supposed to be "hardy and very filling" and when it came out it was pretty teeny and I was almost disappointed. First bite and it was nothing short of psychedelic!!!!!! It was comforting, it was cheesy, it was juicy, it was warm! Perfect for a rainy day for a hungry girl. And no, I did not need a second burger. My eyes are definitely bigger than my stomach. It was the perfect amount. And the chili even had little corn chip bits in it, which I love. I talked about it for a solid two hours after eating. It was that good. A little gem in little Newport in little Rhode Island. Perfecto!

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Sorry that was like the most overwhelmingly enthusiastic post. It's just been a great day! I love exploring and eating! And honestly being away from social media is quite possibly the most wonderful thing ever, but I feel like I'm inextricably bound to it to keep up in this world.

So here's the OOTD that was promised. The weather was 52ºF and cloudy. How do you dress for that?? How?? I spent a hour trying on different tops, and perhaps that sweater/denim jacket combo was slightly impractical and cold. But I didn't perish so it was okay. But yeah I love these Zara pants that I got for a steal... definitely second-skin material. They're high-waisted, but also a bit too big so they double as Justin Bieber drop-crotch pants. Score! Haha. This is the denim jacket I talked about from Nantucket (Vis-A-Vis), OBSESSED. And I got the wide turtleneck sweater in Amsterdam at And Other Stories. This whole outfit was meant for warmth and function. The former was not super successful :/


Scarf: And Other Stories

Denim Jacket: Mod Ref

Sweater (that you can't really see haha): And Other Stories

Pants: Zara

Shoes: Report

Tote: Cuyana