OOTD: Summer 2017 {Part 3}

IMG_1358 Howdy again,

Today marks week three of summer vacation. The weather has jumped from 60º to 90º in the quickest of time, which called for a major closet clean-out. Actually, after coming home from school and Norway, a lot awaited me in terms of cleaning. During winter break I had this grand vision for my bedroom. My parents were remodeling parts of our second level, so they figured they'd do some paint work in my room while they were at it. "Some paint work" might be an understatement for the total redecoration and remodeling that actually occurred.

I like too many things, so it was hard to pick one style to follow as a decor guide. I love French-provincial, mid-century modern, art-deco and also modern preppy (is that a thing?). It's too hard to choose! I'm not going to provide pictures of my room, because this is not a décor blog and that also seems slightly invasive, but I went with an eclectic fusion of Scandinavian hytte, french provincial and vintage bits. Those three elements don't even really encompass the complete hodgepodge of things in here, but needless to say, it's very Minnesotan/Norwegian and it's very me.

Since all of this was happening while I was gone, my parents threw my clothes all over the house. I swapped out my winter and summer clothes (which has left a wonderful amount of space in my closet) and I did massive purging. So refreshing! So now I have all my summer clothes splayed in front of me, but I'm noticing that I really only have black, navy, and cream-colored clothes. I'm working on it. I just bought, however, a practically-fluorescent pink shift dress from Victoria Beckham's Target collection yesterday, so we're making improvements! It was also like, $10. I don't know what happened with her collection but Target is flushing the pieces out at over 70% off retail so I would head over ASAP if you're into it. I tried on a few things and I noticed that A) sizes run large, and B) the body-type that I'm assuming she had in mind is slender and boxy. Therefore, I found that of the maybe six pieces I grabbed, only one was even remotely flattering on my petite and curvy frame.

This is all rather irrelevant information since I'm not attaching photos, but loosely related to this subject is the next OOTDs I'm attaching. Up north by my cabin I found this adorable navy and white striped dress by Alythea, which I'm thinking is perhaps a tunic. I'm very short, and this dress is even too short on me. Like, don't ask me to grab something off the shelf short. I'll let you decide.

My mom actually noticed it first. The sleeves are so adorable. I typically hate the "cold-shoulder" look but this dress did it so tastefully, and I'm a sucker for navy stripes!


I've been dying to wear these shoes. I would say that gladiator shoes have been in for maybe 6-7 years now, as the "it" summer shoe, but for a few of those years they weren't for me. Very overdone, impractical... but I'm starting to warm up to them again and this pair from ASOS won my heart. All leather with suede tassels! Really great quality and ASOS is such a powerhouse when it comes to affordable shoes.




Next OOTD which really isn't a comprehensive overview is this Rebecca Taylor top that I got consignment. I'm still trying to figure out how to wear it but I'm obsessed with it. Don't know that I've mastered the look yet but pupperoni is too cute not to share :)


Here are some other pics of food and vintage shopping that I've been filling my days with... (aside from working and interning a whole bunch)



Pictured above: Moods of Norway top, Isles, Bun and Coffee scone + iced coffee and Caramel Sticky Bun




^ Arlee Park, the new store near Nokomis which is stunningly adorable

Below: Food from Pizzeria Lola on Xerxes, Zoodle Pad Thai from the Sassy Spoon (off of Minnehaha Parkway) and the Nisswa Turtle Waffle from The Iron Waffle in Lakeshore, MN IMG_0215



That's all for now. I'll keep updating you on my Foodie-crawls and outfits!

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