Weird Coats

So it's gotten cold and I have insufficient outerwear. I'm pretty sure I assumed my parents could send them to me, but lo and behold it's actually cheaper to just buy new ones! So for some reason I decided to buy an oversized white fluffy one and a metallic puffer jacket. I don't really know why I make these types of decisions but I do. 

This metallic jacket I actually wore on Halloween, as my impromptu costume was space cat. What's a space cat? I'm not sure. I had nyan cat in mind kind of, but I'm not sure what that is either, it's just funny. Rookie mistake though because after being completely submerged in cigarette smoke at those Slovakian bars, it took a solid three days for the coat to air out and smell normal again. I felt like I couldn't wear it without getting debilitatingly nauseous. 

So anyway, here are some pics of the coats and outfits of break.

Jeans: Sézane

Metallic jacket: Fly (Slovenian brand I think?) 

 Silk pants: J.Crew

Blue sweater: Sandro

Check pants: Zara

White sweater: Miss Sixteen

Coat: Suncoo Paris

Let me know in the comments where you like to buy coats and what types you're wearing to fight the cold. I'm looking for a hearty wool coat or something but haven't had much luck finding the perfect one.