La Rentrée: First week of classes

La rentrée: Back to school.

Sooooo my first day of class was on Monday. It was, in essence, a discussion group for a lecture that was to come on Tuesday. Yes, the timing is not ideal. The class was about 20 students, all of them French, save for me and my friend. The teacher started talking all about what material we would cover and what was expected from us. Two oral presentations, news presentations every class, written assignments, midterm, final.... there were quite a few more but I think I blocked it all out because I was so overwhelmed. It was like the Hunger Games. At the beginning of the class she asked us to pair off and immediately select our presentation topics and dates. She read so fast and all the french students were scrambling while we just sat there confused. Near tears? Maybe. But moving on...

Tuesday's class was the lecture, and did not sound nearly as intense. I'm starting to relax a bit, and I'm realizing that it'll be okay, and that the class will not be as bad as I think. I just wish it were in English. After the lecture, my friend and I went to eat food in the park, and then we wandered until we found "Les Nuits des Thés", a salon de thé or "tea house", essentially, tucked away in a small street off of Saint-Germain des Près.  It was so cozy, with very old decorative elements, such as the columns on the inside or the moldings on the ceiling. There was a light pink floral pattern on the walls, with slightly-clashing art deco sconces. The table cloths at the round tables looked like something I'd find in my grandma's house. Coming down narrow, winding marble stairs was a man carrying a tray of cherry cake, individual fig tarts, apple crumble and molten chocolate cake, all fait maison (home made). I had a weird flash back to eating at the American Girl Doll store in Chicago when I was 6. We were served rose tea in a pot and we shared an apple crumble, though I probably could have eaten all of the desserts in one sitting. We both said aloud, "we should take our moms here!". 

Back to school. So far it seems like I have lots of free time. It reminds me of last semester at Boston, where my schedule consisted of only once-a-week classes, so I had free time all the time. However, that first discussion group is making me think otherwise about this semester, though. My goal is to meet more french students, if possible. But other than that, I need to see what my final classes are like. TTYL