Set the timer: First weeks back in Paris

I was so unbelievably excited to be back in Paris. It was like the addictive, warm feeling of stepping into a fresh bath. I moved into a new apartment, and it is positively dreamy! But, having never lived completely alone before, I made sure to fill it with people every single day. I feared loneliness. But at the same time, I don't usually get lonely. And in Paris I don't think one can possibly be lonely.

The timer has been set. I promised myself I would learn from the mistakes of last semester. And at the end of week 2.5, I unfortunately don't feel like I've done anything differently, other than staying in my apartment a bit more (bad!). I've even only been revisiting my haunts. In fact, some of the drama from last semester, much to my dismay, has spilled over and followed me here. But I've found myself to be quite ill now. My best friend has just caught the flu, so I'm terrified that I could have caught it too. 

And as a natural consequence of never having lived alone, I've never had to completely take care of my illnesses before. There was always a roommate, an infirmary nearby, a reliable health care provider I could call. But here, I don't even think I have the vocabulary to explain what I feel, much less know where to go or what to buy. But this past Sunday, I spent a few hours market-hopping in the cold (is that where I went wrong?), where I picked up the mother-of-all roast chickens, and made chicken stock. It was as if my body knew I would need it soon. And also, making homemade chicken stock, simple though it may be, has been one of my proudest coming-of-age accomplishments thus far I think. 

But anyway, I have some fun trips planned, though I'm trying to squeeze in as much Paris time as I can. And the timer rings even louder, considering I just accepted an internship offer back in the States. My plan at the beginning of last semester had been to stay in Paris for an internship, but that is apparently a lot more complicated than it is in the States. 

So anyway, I will attach some photos of some things I've done since getting back.