Châteaux de La Loire

[Edit: Posted late] I can honestly say that this past weekend visiting La Loire was the most drama-free, calm weekend that I've had in a while. Is that sad? Is that good? But anyway, all that being said, here is a quick run-down.

Four castles. Lots of food and lots of tours. I mean really there’s not much more to be said. I saw where Leonardo Da Vinci was buried! But most of the other details fell through the cracks of my fragile memory... notably the distinctions between Louis the 8th, Henri the 6th, Charles the 8th, Charles the 9th. Why does France purposefully make studying their history so complicated?

One interesting thing that I did retain was that not all of these castles were royal, nor are they currently state-owned necessarily. I could not tell you which ones, but it was interesting to see the differences. Notably, Chambord is huge but has nothing in it (royal, state-owned?). I recognized the interior from a movie that I saw once (Peau d'Âne by Jacques Demy). But my favorite, Chenonceau, was smaller but beautifully decorated on the inside, and everywhere you turned they had an extravagant bouquet of fresh flowers. Probably my favorite part :) 

Here are some pictures. This was a school-sponsored trip for my American program. I was nervous about it, because I don't get to spend lots of time with them so therefore I don't know them super well. But I ended up having an awesome time and getting to know them better... which is good because some of them are my future roommates sooooooooooo yeah. There you have it.